880 Powerline Kit Review

I’ve been shooting for years now, but recently moved from North Carolina to California, and left my guns at home — I didn’t expect to do much hunting in town, as I expected to be (and was) too busy for recreation of really any sort, let alone hunting and target shooting. But, I’ve gotten some time back, now that I’m better settled, and decided to get back into it.

I wanted to pick up an air gun I could use for small game and varmint shooting, and also use to introduce my nephew to target shooting, but didn’t want to spend too much or buy something too powerful. This gun was perfect for the occasion and I’ve been a little antsy to write this Daisy Powerline 880 review for a while. 

Why The 880 Powerline Kit?

First off, I should probably explain why. The first answer: The price. At $60, it’s hard to beat: Most air rifles are twice that price, and not necessarily worth the premium. Plus, since I didn’t plan to be shooting that often (more time doesn’t mean a lot of time) and needed to consider the needs of my nephew as a learner, I decided less was probably more in terms of features. 

 That’s not to say the rifle is feature-sparse: It’s not. And that’s not even the most important thing. What matters is that the gun shoots. And this one, definitely, accomplishes that. I’ve clocked my pellets at about 700 FPS, and BBs at 740FPS to 750FPS, good speeds for a inexpensive .22. I’ve used the gun to shoot small game (went squirrel hunting with it recently, as a matter of fact), keep pests out of my backyard, and kill tin cans every once in awhile, so it’s definitely versatile, and it definitely shoots fast enough to be more than a toy. 

Favorite Features

To start, I really like the way this air rifle looks. I mean, it’s not the same kind of power you’d expect, say, an M4 to evoke. But, then again, duh. For what it is, it’s very sleek, and it’s heavy in the hands — it feels like quality. I also quite like the fact that it shoots as fast as it does — this has been quite enjoyable, especially because it doesn’t seem to be slowing down over the years. Granted, I do keep it maintained fairly well, as something of an enthusiast, but I’d still expect more wear and tear than I’ve experienced with this gun, what with all the ground it’s eaten out in the woods.


I really like the 880 air rifle. The Powerline kit comes with over a thousand BBs, as well, which is pretty awesome, since you can get started killing cans or hitting squirrel right away. It also ships with a scope and safety glasses, so you can start generating good habits from the get-go — both in terms of safety and targeting. I definitely recommend this kit, mainly for beginners, but really for anyone who wants an extra, powerful air rifle in the arsenal. However, you might want to read other Daisy Powerline 880 reviews to make sure this is the right option for you.