Can a Felon Own an Air Rifle in California: The Legalities

Ever wonder about gun laws in California, especially if you’re a felon? Well, we’re here to break it down for you. We’ll start by sharing some history and facts about these laws. We’ll also explain what ‘felon disqualifications’ mean and how they can affect your right to own a gun. We promise to keep things simple and easy to understand. Let’s dive in!

What Felons Can’t Do With Guns in California

California laws limit gun ownership for people with a felony conviction. These rules are pretty strict, so it’s really important to know them inside-out.

Felon No-Nos for Guns

So, what stops a felon from owning a gun in California? Here’s a quick list:

  • Having a felony on your record
  • Being guilty of some smaller crimes
  • Running from the law
  • Using illegal drugs
  • Having a court order against you for bothering or scaring your partner or kids
  • Being found guilty in court for a smaller domestic violence crime

Each of these rules has a reason behind it. For example, if you’ve done a big crime, California says you can’t ever own a gun. Some smaller crimes might mean you can’t have a gun for 10 years. The idea is to keep everyone safe by keeping guns away from folks who might misuse them.

How This Changes Gun Ownership

These rules make a big difference in who can own a gun. Even if a felon has turned their life around, they can’t own a gun. People have different thoughts on this. Some think it’s a good way to keep everyone safe. Others think it’s too harsh and makes it harder for people to return to normal life after prison.

Breaking The Rules

If a felon is caught with a gun, the punishment can be pretty severe. In California, if a felon has a gun, that’s another big crime. They could end up back in prison. Plus, California has a rule that says if you do three big crimes, you could be in prison for life. The police work hard to catch anyone breaking these rules, whether they find out on their own or get a tip from someone else.

To wrap it up, California’s laws about felons and guns are tough, but they’re there to keep everyone safe. As we get into the details about whether a felon can own an air rifle, keep in mind that these laws can change, and it’s always a good idea to get legal advice if you need it.

What Weapons Can a Felon Own in California?

In California, the gun laws are pretty tight, especially for felons. But, there are still some weapons that felons can have.

Here’s a short list of stuff felons can own in California:

  • Old-timey guns (antique firearms)
  • Regular knives (but not switchblades)
  • Crossbows
  • Bows with pulleys (compound bows)
  • Guns that use black powder

These things are okay for felons to have because they\’re not seen as “firearms” under California law. So, things like crossbows and bows with pulleys are good to go.

Even though some weapons are okay for felons, there are still some rules. For example, felons can’t have any guns. That includes small guns (handguns), long guns (rifles), shotguns, and all other types of guns.

These rules are there to keep everyone safe. They stop people who’ve broken the law before from doing something dangerous with a weapon. That’s why it’s really important to follow these rules.

Breaking these rules can get a felon in a lot of trouble. If a felon gets caught with a gun, they could end up back in prison for up to three years. That’s why it’s super important to follow these rules.

Can You Own an Air Rifle in California?

Most folks can buy an air rifle in California pretty easily. You don’t need any special papers or background checks. But if you’ve been in trouble with the law and have a felony, it’s a different story. The law says felons can’t own certain types of air rifles. This is to help keep everyone safe. So, it’s super important to know the rules and follow them if you want to own an air rifle in California.

Can a Felon Own a Co2 BB Gun in California?

In California, people who have been to prison can’t own or have guns. But Co2 BB guns aren’t always seen as real guns under the law. So, a person who’s been to prison might not get into trouble with the big law bosses in Washington D.C. for having a Co2 BB gun. But they might get into hot water with the law in California. That’s because California sees some BB guns as real guns. So, it’s really important to talk to a lawyer before getting a Co2 BB gun if you’ve been to prison.

We think air rifles and Co2 BB guns are a good choice for felons. These guns can be used safely and responsibly. But, the rules need to be clear and easy to follow. We think that the rules can change for the better. Changes can help felons while still keeping everyone safe. These changes could allow more types of guns to be owned, but with strict rules.


In summary, California’s gun laws are strict, especially for felons. While felons are barred from owning traditional firearms, they can possess certain non-firearm weapons like antique guns and crossbows.

However, the legality of felons owning air rifles or Co2 BB guns in California is complex, as these may be classified differently under state law. It’s crucial for felons to understand these distinctions and seek legal advice before acquiring any weapon, reflecting the state’s commitment to public safety.