Can an Air Rifle Kill a Raccoon?

Have you ever thought, “Can an air rifle take down a raccoon?” Well, you’re in the right place! We’re about to share everything we know about air rifles – how they work, what laws say about them, and most importantly, how good they are at hunting raccoons. We’ve got the good, the bad, and the handy tips straight from real-life stories. Whether you’re an expert or just starting, we’ve got some cool stuff for you. So, let’s get into the world of air rifles and raccoon hunting!”

How Strong and Accurate Are Air Rifles?

The power of an air rifle changes based on the model. Spring-powered rifles can shoot between 600-1000 feet per second (fps). Gas-powered and pump-up rifles can shoot over 1000 fps. The faster the pellet, the stronger the shot. This can be really important when hunting raccoons.

Accuracy is just as important as power. The design of the rifle, the type of pellet, and how well you can shoot all affect accuracy. A good rifle with good pellets can aim really well. But remember, practice makes perfect!

Air Guns Are Perfect For Hunting Raccoons

We think air guns are great for hunting raccoons. They’re powerful, accurate, and work well under different conditions. Air guns, especially the high-caliber ones, can take down a raccoon quickly and humanely. If you know where to aim and have practiced your shot, you won’t just injure the raccoon – you’ll take it down in one clean shot. Raccoons come out at night, so a quiet air gun that doesn’t need reloading after every shot is your best friend.

If you’re hunting raccoons with air guns, remember they’re night owls. They’re also great climbers and will run up a tree if they feel threatened. So, get to know their habits and you’ll know where to find them. You’ll often find raccoons near water, where food is easy to find. They also like hanging around near people’s homes because they can eat from garbage cans and pet dishes.

Why Choose Air Guns Over Other Hunting Methods?

Compared to traps, guns, or dogs, air guns are a better choice for hunting raccoons. Traps can hurt raccoons over a long period, and guns can scare them away with their loud noise. Dogs need a lot of training and can get hurt by raccoons. On the other hand, air guns are quiet, controlled, and a kinder way to hunt. This is why we believe they’re the best option for hunting raccoons.

The Dangers and Risks Involved

Potential Harm to the Hunter

Handling air rifles the wrong way can cause accidents. Treat every air rifle like it’s loaded and always point it somewhere safe. You should also wear safety gear like eye protectors, earplugs, and tough clothes. Remember, staying safe is number one!

Possible Unintended Consequences to the Environment

Too much hunting can hurt raccoon numbers and mess up the balance of nature. Raccoons help control other species, so we need them. Also, watch how you get rid of used ammo. If you leave it lying around, it can harm the environment and other animals. We should always clean up our mess.

Ethical Considerations

Some people enjoy hunting for fun, but others don’t like it. Hunting can also help control pests or get food. The important thing is to respect nature and animals. If you hunt to solve a problem or for food, and you do it the nice way, then it’s more okay.

Tips When Hunting Raccoons with Air Guns

When you go raccoon hunting with air rifles, it’s important to stay safe, pick the right bullets, and follow the law.

Handling Air guns Safely

  • Always use safety measures before loading.
  • Only aim at what you plan to shoot.
  • Unload and put away the air rifle when done.

Picking the Right Bullets

  • Wadcutter bullets are good for shooting close up.
  • Hollow point bullets cause more damage, which is helpful when hunting.
  • Pointed bullets fly farther and straighter, which is great for long shots.

For raccoons, we suggest using hollow point bullets. They pack a big punch!

Following the Law

It’s important to follow hunting laws. They help protect animals and keep things fair for everyone. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Check local laws about raccoon hunting.
  • Get hunting licenses and permits.
  • Only hunt during the right seasons and don’t hunt too many animals.

Successful Raccoon Hunts with Air Guns

Let’s share some of our favorite tales of raccoon hunting with air rifles. They’re not just stories, they’re lessons for us all.

We know a guy in Wisconsin who bagged a big raccoon with just a .22 caliber air rifle. He watched the raccoon for many nights, learning its habits. He took his shot just after sunset when the raccoon was out and about.

We also heard about a group of friends in Georgia who always used .25 caliber air rifles for hunting raccoons. They found these guns to be powerful and accurate. Just like our guy in Wisconsin, they also studied the raccoons’ habits to know the best hunting times.


Air rifles can be effective for hunting raccoons when used responsibly. They offer a quieter, controlled option with the right power and accuracy, especially in higher-caliber models. However, ethical considerations, safety, respect for wildlife, and adherence to local laws are crucial. Successful hunting with air rifles involves understanding raccoon behavior, choosing appropriate ammunition, and practicing safe shooting techniques.