Best Air Rifles for Squirrel Hunting: Top 10 Performance

Squirrel hunting is a sport that demands precision, stealth, and the right equipment. The choice of an air rifle is pivotal in this regard. Let’s explore the top 10 best air rifles for squirrel hunting, delving into their features, pros, and cons to help you find your perfect match.

#1. Gamo Swarm Magnum G2 .22 Caliber Air Rifle

The Gamo Swarm Magnum G2 stands out with its 10-shot rotary magazine and IGT Mach 1 gas piston technology, offering high velocity and power. This rifle is designed for hunters who value quick follow-up shots and smooth shooting with less vibration. However, its heavier build might affect portability, and its high power could be more than necessary for small game like squirrels.

#2. Benjamin Marauder PCP Air Rifle

Renowned for its accuracy, the Benjamin Marauder features a rifled barrel and an adjustable match-grade trigger. Its pre-charged pneumatic mechanism ensures quiet operation, making it ideal for stealth hunting. The downside is the need for a separate air pump or tank for recharging, and its higher price point compared to other models.

#3. Ruger Air Magnum Combo Rifle

This rifle is a powerhouse with velocities up to 1400 fps. It boasts a durable all-weather stock and adjustable fiber optic sights. The Ruger Air Magnum is perfect for hunters who need a robust and accurate rifle. However, its significant recoil and heavier build might not suit all hunters.

#4. Crosman Nitro Venom Break Barrel Air Rifle

The Crosman Nitro Venom is known for its Nitro Piston technology, which reduces noise and recoil, making it a quieter option for hunters. It also features an integrated muzzle brake for enhanced accuracy. While it offers a comfortable design, the single-shot mechanism and the included scope might require upgrades for serious hunters.

#5. Hatsan Model 95 Combo .22 Rifle

This rifle combines aesthetic appeal with functionality. Its walnut stock, Quattro trigger, and Shock Absorber System (SAS) provide a smooth shooting experience. The Hatsan Model 95 is well-balanced in power and accuracy but is slightly heavier and requires more cocking effort than some other models.

#6. Diana RWS 34 Break Barrel Rifle

The Diana RWS 34 is a testament to German engineering, offering a reliable design with a two-stage adjustable trigger and a rifled barrel for precision. Its straightforward, no-frills approach is ideal for hunters who appreciate simplicity and effectiveness. However, its basic features might not appeal to those looking for more advanced technology in their air rifles.

#7. Beeman R9 Elite Series Combo

The Beeman R9 is a versatile and well-crafted air rifle. It features a two-stage adjustable trigger and a checkered grip and forearm for better handling. Its moderate power makes it suitable for squirrel hunting. However, the rifle’s weight and balance might require some getting used to for new hunters.

#8. Air Arms TX200 MkIII

This rifle is a work of art in the air gun world. The Air Arms TX200 MkIII is known for its beautiful craftsmanship, smooth underlever action, and exceptional accuracy. It’s a top choice for hunters who value precision and quality. The main drawbacks are its higher price and the underlever action, which might not be preferred by all hunters.

#9. Weihrauch HW97K

The Weihrauch HW97K is a well-respected name in the air rifle community. It offers a fixed barrel with an underlever action, ensuring consistent accuracy. Its build quality and reliability make it a favorite among serious hunters. However, its weight and the need for precise cocking technique might be challenging for some.

#10. FX Dreamline Lite

The FX Dreamline Lite is a modern, modular air rifle that offers versatility and innovation. It features a fully adjustable regulator, hammer spring, and valve control. Its lightweight design is perfect for hunters who spend long hours in the field. The downside is its complexity and the need for a good understanding of air rifle mechanics to fully utilize its features.


Each of these air rifles brings something unique to the table. Whether you prioritize accuracy, power, stealth, or aesthetics, there’s a rifle on this list that will meet your squirrel hunting needs. Remember, the best air rifle is one that fits your personal hunting style and preferences.