Review of the Top 3 Air Rifle Scopes of 2015

Reviews of the Top 3 Air Rifle Scopes


Yoga dvd set has become a very popular sport in many parts of the world in recent years. Finding the best air rifle scope for use on your air rifle is important for a number of reasons. Having a good blender what is the best blender for juicing will make it much easier to hit the target you are shooting at. Air rifles are often used for hunting purposes, and they make excellent weapons for hunting small game such as rabbits, weasels and best rear engine riding mower. Below are three popular air rifle scopes, along with a brief review of each scope, which should make it easier to decide which one to purchase.


UTG Mil-Dot Scope

The UTG 4×32 Mil-Dot scope is a great air rifle scope for a low price. This scope combines a low price along with superb quality to bring you a scope that can be used on many different types of air rifle platforms.

best air rifle scope - UTG Mil-Dot Scope

The scope comes standard with a full size mil-dot reticle, a sapphire coating, angled integral sunshade, low profile design as well as flip-open lens covers on both ends of the scope, which help ensure the safety of your scope. The scope is wind proof, fog-proof and rain proof, meaning it can be used in a wide variety of weather elements with no fear of damage. It is pre-sighted in for 35 yards, and includes easy to use knobs for adjusting the range and sighting of this scope. This is one of the best air rifle scopes for use on a wide variety of air rifles, and comes with its own mounting rail as well.


Cvlife Tactical Air Rifle Scope

This scope comes standard with either red or green illumination, along with easy to use range-finding feature which makes even the longest shots much easier. It comes with a standard magnification rating of 3-9x, and an objective diameter of 2.2 inches. The length of the scope is 12.59 inches and the exit pupil is 0.24-0.74 inches.

Cvlife Tactical Air Rifle Scope

This is one of the top air rifle scopes because it is well-constructed and meant to take a beating without getting worn out. Air powered rifles are notorious for causing damage to even the most durable of scopes, but the Cvlife Tactical air powered scope has been known to last up to six months with repeated use without falling out of adjustment or sight. It comes standard with two mounting rails, making it easy to mount on virtually any make or model of air powered rifle. It also comes with a lens cover, which makes it much easier to keep dust and other debris out which could cause significant damage over time.


Hammers Magnum Spring Air Rifle Scope

This is a very durable scope that can withstand quite a bit of use and abuse without failing. The Hammers magnum spring air rifle scope is a premium quality full size scope which allows for full field of view of the target downrange. It also comes standard with 3-9x magnification, along with a large 40mm adjustable objective.

Hammers Magnum Spring

This air rifle scope comes standard with a one-piece mount that includes a stop pin which holds the scope in place, even during the harshest of recoils. The adjustable nature of the scope allows for shots between 5-300 yards with precise accuracy. Comes with a mil-dot reticle for unparalleled accuracy and a standard one inch main tube. Fingertight windage and elevation adjustments make sighting in the scope both easy and fun. The scope also includes three clamping screws which fit onto the mounting bracket, making it easy to install onto virtually any make and model of air rifle.


Any air rifle enthusiast is familiar with the unique and oftentimes harsh recoil that is accompanied with many types of spring air rifles. The Hammers magnum spring air rifle scope is one of the best air rifle scopes because it is able to withstand the harsh two-direction recoil without falling out of sight. After sighting in the scope it should retain its sight for months to come without further adjustments.


Decide Which One is the Best for You

The three scopes listed above are all great options when it comes to finding the right air rifle scope for you. When deciding upon which one to purchase, you should take into account your overall budget, the type of shooting you are going to be doing (pest shooting, plink shooting, or long-range competition shooting), as well as the make and model of air rifle you are going to mount the scope onto.


The cheapest scope listed above comes in at $39.99, while the most expensive is $59.99. It is important to spend an ample amount of money on a high quality air rifle scope, because the standard OEM scopes that come from the factory on most air rifles will not stand up to the daily wear and tear they will ultimately experience.

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