Most Powerful Air Pistol of 2015

Most Powerful Air Pistol

In spite of the dangers that come with owning a gun, there is no denying that it is a weapon held by rear engine riding lawn mowers simply for self-defense. You have to admit, being able to protect yourself in case of an emergency is more or less so vital. However, there are those enthusiasts that collect them, while others just enjoy hunting. The latter though can be very dangerous. Luckily for those who are interested in shooting, there are guns designed not to handle bullets, but pellets instead.

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One of the more recent and most powerful air pistol to hit the market is the Evanix Hunting Master AR6 pellet pistol. It is literally the most powerful air gun currently being sold on the market – it is sure to make your opponents run to the hills. As soon as you take it out of the box you can clearly see the attention and detail that was put into it. It’s sleek design is sure to impress.
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I personally have used the Hunting Master AR6, and I can honestly say that all the hype and praise this gun has received is definitely justifiable. It is the perfect air gun for any enthusiast – especially those who enjoy hunting small game such as squirrels. Though, I use this gun more for target shooting than anything.


A Closer Look at the Evanix Hunting Master AR6

Basically, it’s a gun that fits perfectly in anyone’s hands. Its’ handle includes grooves which were designed to fit the user’s fingers in order for every individual to get the perfect grip. Due to the depth of the grooves it also makes a comfortable fit. So, no matter how your roll, duck, aim and shoot while moving, you are assured that it will stay in your hand. In addition, the Hunting Master AR6 is a revolver that can accommodate any pellet that is .22 in caliber. Even better, it does not jam, making the shots smoother. It is safe to say that it could be even more powerful than what was initially estimated.

It comes equipped with two rotary clips, allowing you to prepare 12 shots in one go – one goes into the gun, while the other will be kept on standby. As long as you can change the clips quickly, you will have your opponents on the run.

Most Powerful Air Pistol



The barrel of the gun measures 10 inches with an added 7.3 if you measure the entire length of the gun. It is also fairly light as it weighs 3.05 pounds. With such lightness, I was able to shoot as much as I wanted all day without losing the grip of the gun and any accuracy, which is usually affected by the gun’s weight.

The heavier the gun, the quicker it is to lose all of these. Although, the longer you shoot, the less pressure the gun exerts. It may be the mechanism’s failure to accommodate consecutive shots at the same amount of pressure every time, but I guess that is natural for an air gun.


In Conclusion

However, with great power comes great responsibility. The danger of harming, or potentially killing a person with this gun is pretty high – especially for an air rifle. That is why owners of the Hunting Master AR6 are being warned to be very careful because even though it only shoots pellets out of its barrel, the contact is still real. Hit them strong enough, it could go through their skin, or at least, harm them causing wounds on the surface.

This fantastic, most powerful air pistol can be bought online at Amazon. Due to its danger, though, the company only allows an individual to buy the item if they are above 18 years of age. In addition, they also avoid shipping to New York City and other high risks areas. If you happen to live in New Jersey, you can simply buy the Hunting Master AR6 in your local gun shops. However, you have to bring your personal airgun permit to buy the pistol legally.

Moreover, if it is being shipped to your residence, only an adult can sign the papers informing the shipping company that the package has been delivered safely, and again, legally. An air pistol this strong should NOT be given to any child below 18 years old. Even you adults should be careful while shooting.

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