Top Gamo Hornet Review of 2015

A Gamo Hornet Review

Whether you’ve been into air soft guns for a while now or you’re just getting started, you have probably heard of best blender for juicing. The company’s history actually goes back to the 1880s, though they didn’t start producing air rifles until 1961. Since then, however, they’ve been a staple in the industry. Nonetheless, history isn’t always a good indicator of present performance. So if you’ve been curious about this air rifle, hopefully the below Gamo Hornet review will help you figure out if this is a rear engine riding mower reviews.

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First, you’ll want to know about the actual specs on the Gamo Hornet. The rifle itself only weighs about six pounds, making it an easy rifle to wield. Whether you want to carry it long distances or steady it in the prone position, this rifle won’t give you any trouble no matter how big you are.

It’s a good 43.3 inches in length, which also makes it easy to move around. Obviously, all the weight isn’t distributed evenly, but still, having over three and a half feet of rifle to work with makes that six pounds feel even lighter.

The rifle takes .177 pellets and needs 30 pounds of cocking effort before it will be ready to fire. 18 inches of its total length are in the barrel, so the pellet has plenty to travel before being let loose. It’s a fluted polymer that provides the barrel with a steel jacket.


Gamo Hornet Review



The stock on the Gamo Hornet leaves little to be desired. It has tough synthetic plastic for the stock which is molded to deal with all types of weather conditions. You get a buff plate that comes with a ventilated rubber pad that makes for easy recoil absorption too. So squeeze off one round after the next if you like; recoil won’t be an issue.

Another nice thing about the stock on this rifle is it’s easy for both left and right handed shooters thanks to the twin cheek pads. With a non-slip design on the forearm and grip, you’ll also have an easy time firing.



The mechanism on this machine will send those .177 pellets out at 1,200 feet per second if you’re using PBA Raptor rounds. With lead, you’re looking at about 1,000 feet per second.

All you need to do is give the Gamo Hornet a single cock and it will be ready to fire. There’s also an automatic safety system installed too as well as a manual trigger safety.



Finally, the scope on this bad boy has a grooved receiver and rings. The scope itself is 4×32.



The dimensions above are all a really long way of saying this is a great rifle. It’s easy to hold steady, easy to aim and easy to fire. What more could you want from an air rifle? Plus, you’ll get years and years of use if you treat it right thanks to its durability.

So if you’re in the market for an air rifle, the Gamo Hornet is an easy one to recommend. At $139.95, it’s easy on the wallet too.

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