Top Crosman TR77 Review of 2015

Top Crosman TR77 Review


When it comes to air rifles you will either want one to use for hunting or plinking and this will decide how powerful of an air rifle you will need. For basic plinking in the backyard you can really get any the best blender for juicing you want or even a BB gun if you prefer. If you’re wanting to hunt pests or small game then you will definitely need something with a rear engine riding mower. In my mind you will want to get an air rifle that can at least shoot a 1,000 fps to make sure you can usually kill your target in one shot.

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One air rifle that is really good when it comes to hunting is the Crosman TR77. With the ability to shoot at a velocity of 1,200 fps this really makes it a powerful air rifle and especially so for the price of under $100. Without wasting any more time let’s jump straight into this Crosman TR77 review.


About the Crosman TR77


Crosman decided to take a break from the usual hunting rifle look that most air rifles have and went with a more military style design with the Crosman TR77. The looks are what usually draw people to this air rifle but don’t think that’s all the TR77 has going for it. As far as hunting air rifles go it really doesn’t get much better than this under the $100 price range. I’m sure you would enjoy this air rifle just as much as I do but first let me tell you the pros and cons so you can decide if it’s the right one for you.



The Crosman TR77 is another one of Crosman’s high quality air rifles. The TR77 combines high power with aesthetics and for the price it’s hard to beat. It can shoot up to a velocity of 1,200 fps which will definitely leave you no problem killing any pests or small game. The TR77 utilizes a break-barrel design which forces you to load a pellet at a time from hand but makes cleaning your barrel much easier. The lightweight synthetic stock with pistol grip also gives you great control and maneuverability. You can even remove the rubber butt off the back of the stock to store your pellets or any other small item such as a pocket knife inside. I really love how this air rifle feels in my hands and the accuracy is top notch as well.

crosman tr77 review


While the Crosman TR77 is an extremely well-made air rifle it does come with a few flaws. The 4×32 scope that comes with the TR77 is honestly not the best. It does work but if you’re an avid shooter you might want to invest in a better one. Luckily a halfway decent scope won’t cost you too much. The other main problem that I don’t really care for lies with the trigger. Sometimes it works as it’s supposed to then other times it’s a little hard to pull and even fires at different points. This can mess with your accuracy a little and that is never a good thing. You can easily replace this trigger though but it’s up to you to decide if that’s necessary. There are even videos online that can teach you how to fix the trigger but it will cost you a couple dollars and a little bit of your time. The last aspect of the TR77 that some people might not like is the fact it’s a little loud but this doesn’t really bother me.


Final Verdict


The Crosman TR77 is definitely a great air rifle and one of my favorites for under $100. While it does have a few flaws they can all easily be fixed besides the loud noise. If you’re looking for a military style air rifle though then this will definitely have to be it. Hopefully you enjoyed my Crosman TR77 review and if you decide to buy one don’t be afraid to leave a review of your own.

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