Leading Crosman Optimus Review of 2015

Crosman Optimus Review

If you’ve been searching for a .177 caliber air rifle that is incredibly accurate, packs a “wallop” when the round hits its target, and won’t set you back more than $100 or so – offering the perfect blend of power, performance, and price – then you’re going to want to pay close attention to the Crosman Optimus. Here you can find the best yoga dvd for weight loss.

Widely recognized as one of the best air rifles on the market today (especially at this price point), it happens to be a finely crafted a rifle that is on par with the kinds of rear engine riding lawn mowers that you’d find available for sale at three or four times as much money.
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While not exactly a “starter air rifle” – this is a target caliber rifle or a hunting rifle through and through – it’s definitely the kind of platform that adults are going to feel comfortable using, and the kind of firearm that children will aspire to be able to fire as they get older. Check out our Crosman Optimus review to find out why we feel it is the best “bang for your buck” in the budget priced air rifle segment today!


Overall Performance

Two things that really surprised us about the Crosman Optimus when we were getting ready to prepare this review:

• Just how rocksolid that the overall firearm felt in our hands and
• The “wallop” that the pellets were able to deliver when they hammered their target

Obviously, you’re going to want to find an air rifle that you are comfortable with, one that feels good in your hands and solid enough to keep on target to maximize accuracy. Well,thankfully the roughly 8 pound weight of the Crosman Optimus isn’t going to be heavy enough to wear down your stamina – even after a long day of shooting – but it will be heavy enough so that you aren’t bouncing all over the place when you stare down your scope or iron sights.

We also measured the velocity of this air rifle, and were beyond impressed by the fact that it managed to deliver velocities of over 1000 ft./s using lead pellets and more than 1200 ft./s using alloy pellets. This makes it a very (VERY) effective hunting solution if you’re going after small game like birds and squirrels. These tests were performed with 7.9 grain .177 air rifle pellets, so your feet per second calculations may be a little bit different if you’re using heavier or lighter pellets. But at the end of the day, your number should be in the same ballpark for sure. This is a very consistent air rifle, after all.


What We Liked Most

Where should we begin breaking down the things we were in love with when doing our Crosman Optimus review? Well, for starters (and as mentioned above), this air rifle has a lot of power – more than enough power to break the sound barrier in fact, especially when you’re using lighter weight hunting pellets to maximize your FPS. Secondly, that the accuracy that you’re going to be all to enjoy with this air rifle is incredible.

crosman optimus review

Because of the unique gunsmithing going on just beneath the surface of this rifle, and the fine-tuned components that all “play nicely together” with one another, you’re going to be able to deliver rounds down range with stunning consistency in ways that you wouldn’t be able to with other similarly priced air rifles.

Thirdly, you aren’t going to have to worry about too terribly much noise when you pull the trigger on the Crosman Optimus. The spring is going to make a bit of noise, but when stacked up against the competition, you’ll be amazed at just how quiet it this rifle is.


What We Weren’t so Crazy About

But not all is sunshine and roses in this Crosman Optimus review. For one thing, it would have been nice to have the Crosman Optimus ship with some kind of optics already built-in – but you’ll only have iron sights from day one. Sure, it uses the same kind of Weaver mounting system that almost all modern scope rings and aiming solutions take advantage of today, but it still would have been nice to have even bare-bones optics on the rifle right out of the box.

Secondly, you’re going to have to spend a bit of time getting used to the overall “behavior” of your Crosman Optimus. Even though each of these rifles are finely machined and perfectly milled (especially on the barrel), they all have their own little tendencies in how they deliver rounds down range – tendencies that will change depending upon the ammunition that you’re using. Definitely spend some time at the range to get to know your rifle.


Final Verdict

At right around $100 or so (depending upon where you buy your Crosman Optimus), you’d have to be at least a little bit crazy not to get your hands on this high-powered rifle just as quickly as you could. Not exactly the most expensive option on the market today, but a little bit more expensive than some other rifles out there, this is a fantastic buy and one that you should snap up if you’re looking for a high performance rifle that will get the job done.

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