Top Crosman M4-177 Review of 2015

Crosman M4-177 Review


There are two main reasons that someone will buy an air rifle and that is either to use it for hunting or target practice. If you’re wanting to use an air rifle to hunt then you will definitely need something with a little bit of rear engine mower reviews. Anything that can shoot around 1000 fps or more would definitely do the trick for pests and small rodents. On the other hand if you’re just wanting to do some plinking in the backyard then that much fps would be unnecessary.

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Instead you could get an air rifle that looks ridiculously cool like the Crosman M4-177 and have even more fun while you’re out shooting targets. Don’t be afraid of the cool looks costing you performance either because this air rifle is both highly durable and accurate. It might be made of plastic but once you feel the M4-177 in your hands you will know that it’s built to last. Hopefully this Crosman M4-177 review will help you decide if this is the right air rifle for you.
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Overview of the M4-177


Crosman is a leading powerhouse when it comes to air rifles and they have outdone themselves again with the M4-177. Modeled after the AR-15 this bad boy really looks impressive. While it’s not an exact replica it’s pretty good for being well under $100. The M4-177 can even be used comfortably by both adults and kids alike due to the fact the stock is multi-adjustable. Even the front and rear sights can be adjusted for wind age and elevation.

crosman m4-177 review

If you want you could even take the sights off and attach a scope or red dot if you prefer thanks to the picatiny rails on top of the receiver. There are three other picatiny rails which are located under the pump/hand-guard and above and below the end of the barrel in case you want to attach other accessories such as a flashlight or laser. The only bad part is that you can’t attach anything too big under the air rifle because the pump won’t be able to fully extend.

What attracts many buyers to the Crosman M4-177 is its capability to use both pellets and BB’s. To use pellets the M4-177 utilizes a Firepow’r 5-shot pellet clip which loads into the breach above the magazine chamber. Behind what appears to be the safety lever is actually where around 350 BB’s can be stored. In order to fill the internal 18-round BB magazine you have to push the BB retainer button forward then tilt the air rifle back to allow gravity to feed the magazine. Push the BB retainer button forward once the magazine is full and you’re good to go.

While this air rifle isn’t the most powerful one in the world you definitely get a lot of power for the price. With pellets you can shoot up to around 600 fps and if you decide to shoot BB’s you can even get up to 625 fps. This is perfect for your simple target practice in the backyard. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this Crosman M4-177 review and are better off in making the decision if this is the right air rifle for you. Remember to practice proper safety precautions and most of all to have fun!



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