Top 2015 Crosman 1077 Review

Crosman 1077 Review: My Experience

Shooting is a common pastime throughout the world, especially in parts of the United States. Guns and target ranges are common, and honing one’s skill as a marksman is, almost always, a noble goal. Unfortunately, stringent regulations on “actual” firearms and safety considerations typically keep sensible people away from frequent use of full-powered rifles, shotguns, and the like. These people typically restrict themselves to air and pellet guns. Just because these don’t fire with gunpowder, however, doesn’t mean they are just toys — many air guns are extremely powerful and versatile, and the Crosman 1077 Repeat Air Semi-Automatic rifle is just one example of those. Here, I’ll describe this gun and talk about my experience with it — overall, it’s been nothing but a positive one.

The Crosman 1077: A Closer Look

I’ve been looking forward to writing this Crosman 1077 review as it is one of my all time favorite air rifles. The Crosman 1077 is a 0.177 caliber, CO2-powered air rifle. It achieves a muzzle velocity of, at most, 625 FPS. As such, it is a powerful air gun, suited for target shooting and learning the basics of gun-handling, and is also useful for varmint and small-game hunting — for those who are good enough shots — but does not present the same issues that a full-powered traditional rifle might impose, such as the need to shoot only in a target range, the obvious safety issues associated with any gun that fires real bullets, and the requirement of detailed and comprehensive knowledge of the gun itself in order to ensure proper care.

The Crosman 1077 is light, weighing in at just under 4lbs, and it is long, at about 37”. These characteristics make it a good substitute for a traditional rifle in terms of its dimensions, but ensure that it is easier to handle that such a weapon for the younger enthusiasts interested in learning how to shoot and handle a firearm. It fires pellets, accepting a 12-shot rotary clip, and features a fiber-optic sight, allowing users to learn how to take aim and fire quickly and accurately.


crosman 1077

The Crosman 1077 is well-suited to target shooting, small-game hunting, plinking, and pest-control, all of which I’ve done with it, although I stick mostly to plinking and target shooting, as I have different guns I prefer to take with me for small-game hunting (.22’s, mostly, and a few 12ga shotguns for some rabbit hunts).

I’ve taught the boys how to shoot with the Crosman 1077, and, now that they’ve demonstrated good habits handling this air gun, I feel confident letting them use an actual firearm, one of my old Winchester rifles is probably what we’ll start with.

I also have to say that I quite like the way that the Crosman 1077 looks — it’s intimidating from a distance, and looks quite tough to just about anyone. All in all, I’d have to say that the Crosman 1077 is definitely worth the investment. It won’t keep up with more specialized hunting air guns, but it definitely gets the job done when it needs to.

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