Top Benjamin 392 Review of 2015

Benjamin 392 Review

An American Icon, the Benjamin 392, has been reliably serving air rifle enthusiasts for over sixty years. When the Benjamin Air Rifle company (which can say what is the best blender for juicing) was bought out by Crosman, many feared that Benjamin rifles wouldn’t be able to live up to the standards of their past products.  I can assure you that these fears were unfounded and Benjamin still deserves its reputation for rugged quality and rear engine riding mower.

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The stopping power and accuracy of the Benjamin 392 is on par with some of the best air rifles on the market today at only a fraction of the price. Featuring a shorter carbine design, the Benjamin 392 remains robust and easy-to-handle while still packing a hard hit with its .22 caliber pellets. This rifle is at the top of its class when it comes to looks, quality, and power.


Benjamin 392 Features

Featuring an excellent build quality and a well-rounded shooting experience, the Benjamin 392 will outlast competing rifle brands by decades. On the off chance there is a problem with your Benjamin 392, Crosman’s friendly customer service will be happy to replace or fix your faulty product. Their dedication to quality control means that 99 percent of all Crosman products will last through years of continuous use without any issues.

When it comes to accuracy, the 392 is pinpoint accurate up to forty yards away. This air rifle uses compressed air technology, eliminating any recoil that would come from shooting a spring-loaded or PCP rifle. One Benjamin 392 review stated the rifle doesn’t require any setup and can be used accurately direct from the box. You easily can adjust the windage and elevation of the sights, but for laser-like accuracy the 392 is best paired with a decent scope.

The Benjamin 392 air rifle can easily take down small game animals, as well as larger pests, with ease and precision. The 392 model uses a traditional .22 caliber pellet and packs a lot of power into every shot. It fires at a high fps and is rated at 14.9 FPE, which is well over the 12 FPE minimum for hunting game.


benjamin 392 review


In addition to hunting pests, the Benjamin 392 can be used for target shooting and plinking. When paired with a good scope, this rifle can precisely take out any pest within fifty yards. With only six pumps the air rifle can take out a squirrel from 20 yards in one shot. The 392 also features a hardwood Monte Carlo stock, giving it a classic look and a solid feel. Everything from straps and laser sights to rifle scopes can be fitted to the Benjamin 392 air rifle.

Benjamin 392 Specifications:

– Non-adjustable two stage trigger
– Trigger pull weight of about 5 pounds
– Fires a .22 caliber pellet
– Shoots at over 700 fps when fully pumped
– Weighs 6.4 pounds
– Product dimension: 3.95 x 5.2 x 2.2 inches
– Self contained filling method
– Maximum of ten pumps per shot
– Specializes in target shooting, plinking, pest control, and small game hunting
– Rated at 14.9 FPE
– Short 37-inch barrel


Benefits and Drawbacks

Sporting a long line of exceptional air rifles, Benjamin and Crosman deliver quality products with years of improvements backing each one. At this point it’s hard to find any drawbacks with the Benjamin 392, but there are a few things that stick out. For instance, some people might find it hard to dial in the open sites.

The Benjamin 392 has a rather firm trigger, which is a plus for some, but a definite drawback for others. One Benjamin 392 review complained that the pumping action can get a bit tiring after a long day of plinking or target shooting, but that is usual for any type of pump air rifle. Unlike other air rifles, the Benjamin 392 is easy to disassemble and clean, so that more than makes up for the firm trigger and pumping action.

Overall, the Benjamin 392 is one of the best air rifles ever put on the market. Its timeless design, low price, and consistent power make it a must-own for any air rifle enthusiast. Whether you’re hunting small game or just spending a day plinking in your back yard, the Benjamin 392 performs extremely well.

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